We help Londoners save countless hours of tedious chores.

We at Clean Impact love residential house cleaning because it gives us an opportunity to contribute to the beauty of someone’s most personal space. A home is where you spend a significant portion of your life, and we are happy to provide a useful service that lets you feel proud of it. The pandemic highlighted even more that people want to keep their houses clean, and we help them do that.


Dusting shelves

Our Mission

To offer London’s most convenient, reliable, affordable cleaning solutions.

Our History

Clean Impact was established in 2001, when Marlene, the company’s founder, started a cleaning business called “Rent a Pair of Hands.” Starting out as a self-employed housekeeper, Marlene now draws on her 23 years of business experience to provide exceptional cleaning solutions that deliver real results to clients across the capital.

Over the next two decades, the company continued to grow through word of mouth recommendations, as clients recognized Clean Impact as trustworthy and credible, strengthening its position in the industry. As a result, the agency became a well-known, respected brand, and its reputation grew both within the cleaning sector and amongst its clients.

What Makes Clean Impact Unique?

  • 23 years of experience in professional cleaning
  • Effective and trusted to deliver
  • Bespoke cleaning solutions
  • Highly reliable, flexible and trustworthy cleaners
  • Unrivalled quality
  • Competitive pricing

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